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Topsail Island Fishing at Breezeway Motel

woman with blow fish                                                                                                                  

  We’ve been having beautiful weather with warmer temps but it’s still mainly the blow fish on the lines. Our fisherman here on Topsail Island at the Breezeway Motel were just pleased not to be skunked. There’s a lot more bait fish showing up and we are waiting, very impatiently I might add, for some sheephead and trout to come on in. The fishing tournament date has been decided for this fall. Fishing is the best in the fall and it gives us plenty of time for all the planning. It also gives you time to share your idea’s with us. Don’t be bashful. Let us know your opinions.

We are also thinking of some fun things to do here at the Breezeway this year. Kathy mentioned a wine tasting, a festival or a night of music. We are looking for your thoughts on it. Tell us what you would like to do on your vacation this year. Things are going great!  We got some fresh paint on the doors and panels this week. Tom and Bill are putting in new light fixtures today. Daisy and I are supervising…lol. Kristi is stripping floors and waxing. I have the front door open in the office so the breeze can come through and the birds around the pool area are performing for me. Can’t wait till you can get away and come enjoy it all with us.

Posted By Paula Evans 14th April 2013

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